Game Boy Color Screen FunnyPlaying Retro Pixel IPS Laminated Q5 v2.7 - solder free


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We have added the awesome new Hispeedido OLED screen kit with touch screen menu features to this listing! (They fit in the same FunnyPlaying laminated ready GBC shells). You can select it from the variants listed here or purchase from the products own listing page here with further details. The option marked as OLED is the only kit with touch screen functionality! The OLED version requires one wire to be soldered.

This revision of the awesome Retro Pixel GBC screen just got even better! The 2.7 revision is the same screen as the V1.0 and V2.1 but with an optional solder free install. (The power wire does not require soldering for the screen to function)

Functions v2.7

1. Drop in (no solder) option. The power wire does not need soldering to work.

2. Added logo backlight display and color change (The start/select wires need soldering)

3. Laminated lens which comes pre stuck to the screen. (No dust or extra glass lens purchase)

4. Adjust the position of the image post installation.

5. The touch control pad is integrated into the ribbon. (No additional TCH soldering required)

To install the v2.7 kit there is no soldering required.

To use the logo color change and the inbuilt menu options then 2 wires to the start and select pads require soldering. See our TikTok GBC build guide part 1 and part 2 for advice on how this is done.

What is included;

  • 1 x IPS LCD Screen
  • 1 x ribbon cable (FunnyPlaying)
  • 1 x Laminated lens
  • 1 x 3M fixing pad
  • 1 x acrylic LCD fixing strip
  • 3 x wires
  • 1 x touch ribbon cable

Whats not included;

Tape to prevent possible shorts. We recommend Kapton tape.


1. The original power management of the Gameboy Color motherboard is very inefficient. This ribbon bypasses the inefficient power management and has its own within the ribbon. 

2. Shell modification to fit the laminated lens is not recommended. Instead you can purchase a FunnyPlaying GBC shell which has been moulded to fit here.

3. The original GBC display is 43 x 41mm. This display is 49.5 x 44.5mm. A lens is not required as one is laminated as part of the screen.

4. The start and select buttons control the brightness and retro pixel modes. For this to function 2 wires need soldering as part of the install process.

Start and touch = increase brightness

Select and touch = decrease brightness

Start and select together = change the retro pixel display

Long Press = enter the function menu

5. Please bench test your screen kit for faults before installation. See our TikTok guide on how to test a GBC. A photo or video will be required for potential warranty claims. Any issues are to be reported before installing inside a shell or adhering to gasket. Once stuck down it will not remove without damaging the screen or the ribbon. Seperate screens are available here should you need one.

6. It is advisable to wear a static bracelet before installing the screen to avoid any potential shorts. We also highly recommend insulating the PCB with Kapton tape as any contact with the PCB could prevent the screen from working correctly.

Customer Reviews

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Great screen that literally needs no soldering

This screen is excellent.
Very, very easy to install, literally with no soldering required. Even if you want to use all the futures. I was going to solder the two wires that came with the kit to the start and select buttons but by tapping and holding down on the touch sensor pad it activated all the features and you can cycle through them by tapping and holding down on the sensor.
And of course this is laminated so not dust between the screen and the lens :)
Only drawback I can think of is when the lens gets a scratched then you’ll have to replace the whole screen.
But aside from this kit is excellent. Bright and full of features.
Highly recommended.

Great improvement

The panel is easy to install. keep in mind, you have to solder 3 cables to get all features working.


All arrived fine and on the time! 👍👍👍

B J White

Was super easy with new case pre cut no fuss, it was quick, looks fantastic. Very happy would fully recommend to people that are worried about doing it.


Never ceases to amaze me these screens are top tier for quality
Definitely highly recommended for the modders out there