Game Boy Advance Shell


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Game Boy Advance Shell by FunnyPlaying

All these shells are non laminated screen ready! No shell modifications required to fit any of the non laminated screens. Simply drop in and play!

Compatible screes are; 

New 3 inch IPS (v3.0),

ITA non laminated and

IPS v2 (3.2 LG screen)

These high quality shells from FunnyPlaying have a modified LCD mounting area direct from the mould. See the guide images below.

The battery compartment has also had a small modification to remove the middle support to allow greater room to fit a USB-C rechargeable Li-Po battery. (Also fits AA batteries)

What is included;

1 x non laminated screen ready shell

1 x matching battery cover

1 x screw set

What is not included;

Screen Kits

Rubber contact pads - use the ones from the original console or if required purchase new ones here

Glass lens IPS - select a glass one from here.

Glass Lens ITA - use the original or choose a new ITA glass lens here.

Buttons - choose your colour combination here.

Sticker - not all shells come with a sticker. 

Guide images for New IPS / ITA / IPS screen install (for shells with snap off adjustable front opening):