30 AWG Kynar Wrapping Wire (5 Meters)

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5 Meters of 30 AWG Kynar Wire.

This Kynar Wire is Insulated Silver Plated Single Core Copper. There is 5 Meters on each reel. More than enough for small PCB jobs.

This wire is thin, flexible and strong. Its silver plated to give excellent solder flow and comes on a reel for ease of use and storage.

Note: We have several colors in stock. Your order may be a different color to the one pictured.


  • Single Core
  • Silver Plated Copper
  • 1 stand x 0.25 mm
  • Cross sectional area 0.05 mm²
  • Current rating: 1 A
  • Insulation material Kynar™
  • 5 meters on spool (Spool color is random)
  • Operating Temperature Range -20/+130°C
  • Outer diameter 0.5mm
  • Sheath colour White, Blue, Red, Green or Black (Color is random)
  • Voltage rating 300 V