Game Boy Color OLED Q10 Backlight Kit with Touch Screen OSD


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GBC AMOLED Q10 Laminated Touch Screen OSD Menu Retro Pixel Kit

  • AMOLED Screen. High Definition LCD.16 pixels to 1 pixel. Integer scaling. No distortion.
  • Equipped with touch function.
  • Laminated LCD. Easy installing!
  • The display area is 25% larger than the original.
  • Built-in OSD Menu
  • Built-in 4 Retro Pixel effects.
  • Built-in 32 Logo Colors.
  • FRM On/OFF function (Frame blending On/OFF) is included. For a few games, the image will be better when FRM turned on. For most games, no need to turn on FRM
  • Function. The default FRM is OFF.
  • 10 brightness levels.
  • 8 color modes.
  • Image position adjustable.
  • Battery detection display.
  • Only one wire needs to be soldered to supply power.
  • Please see below for basic install & operation video and photo guides.

OSD Menu Operation:

1. Touch the screen for 5 seconds to activate the OSD menu.
2. Slide your finger on the screen to page up or down.
3. Touch the triangle icon to adjust the items.

What is included;
  • 1 x AMOLED Screen with laminated glass lens
  • 1 x ribbon cable 
  • 1 x PCB
  • 1 x acrylic LCD fixing strip (Attached)
  • 2 x wires

What's not included;

- Tape to prevent possible shorts. We recommend Kapton tape.

- GBC motherboard/donor console

FunnyPlaying Laminated Shell


1. Note: There is LOGO on the glass screen lens. And the logo can be changed to different color in the OSD menu.

2. Shell modification to fit the laminated screen kit is not recommended. Instead you can purchase a FunnyPlaying GBC shell which these screen kits will fit right into.

3. A lens is not required as one is laminated to the front of the screen.

4. Please test your screen kit for faults before installation.

Any issues are to be reported before installing inside a shell or adhering to gasket. A photo or video will be required for any warranty claims. Check out this easy to follow article on How To Test the GBC Screen Before Installation.

5. Note that once the screen is stuck down it will not remove without damaging the screen or the ribbon. 

6. Ensure you trim the sharp ends of the cartridge slot pins from your GBC motherboard before installation, to avoid any shorts. Also cover with kapton tape or electrical tape.

7. It is advisable to wear a static bracelet before installing the screen to avoid any potential shorts. We also highly recommend insulating the PCB with Kapton tape as any contact with the PCB could prevent the screen from working correctly.


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