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Ez Flash Junior Game Boy Color & Game Boy Flash Cart


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Ez Flash Jr Flash Cart for GBC and DMG handhelds.

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This GB & GBC EzFlash Junior Flash cart fully supports and instantly loads all your files for Game Boy and Game Boy Colour.

You can drag and drop your files directly to an SD card. (We recommend SanDisk) There is no need for any file conversions.

You can drag and drop your files directly to an SD card. There is no need for any conversions.

The cart fully supports Gameboy Pocket, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance/SP and Original GameBoy play. It instantly loads all files.

A real time clock (RTC) is also featured to store the time during gameplay.

Things to note;

The sticker that included is not pre-installed, as some customers prefer the look of the see-through cart.

This cart does not come with a SD card or any games.

The maximum recommended card size is 64GB. The maximum save file size is 1MB.

To backup your game saves, press the small internal button under the bulge on the top of the cartridge (See red square on picture). Or alternatively, power cycling the Game Boy will bring up the same offer to backup your saves to the SD card.

Basic setup video:


Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Does not have a front sticker and has a big scratch that is obvious if you look.

big diagonal scratch. Hopefully functional. The none boxed version does not come with a front sticker on it

hallmar halldórsson
Super easy to use

It does what it says and works wonderfully :) LSDJ compatible even!

Jamie Hayes
Allows you to play all of the games

Great little cartridge, nice and easy to set up (you do need a SanDisk red 32 GB Micro SD card, as their website says), but installation took seconds, as well as moving over roms to the disk and playing.

Phil Garside
You won’t regret getting this!1

First off wow, retro gaming parts! I order this dinner time Monday and it was with me dinner time Tuesday! Even Amazon couldn’t keep up with that pace! Thank you guys!

Now for the cart, it’s fantastic set up couldn’t be easier! Rocking all my old school games in one place! It’s given my DMG & GBC a new lease of life!

Dave Harrison

works great!
(i use 8gb class10 sdcard and leave it on f.w. ver. 4)