*NEW* FunnyPlaying GBA SP Shell. No shell trim required for IPS Screens


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FunnyPlaying Game Boy Advance SP crystal clear shells. These shells are a massive step up in build and quality from the old aftermarket SP shells.

They are manufactured from a mould designed exclusively by FunnyPlaying. The build is high quality IBS plastic and pre moulded to fit many IPS screens. This means that this shell does not need cutting to fit the New Laminated GBA SP screens that we recommend.

The screws have been adjusted to be just 2 different lengths, all with Phillips heads. (The older screws were varying lengths that was complicated and time consuming to figure out which screw went where)

As these shells are crystal clear, you can see the messy part of the screen through the top of the closed shell. Blank that off with a slice / blank plate in your choice of colors for that truly professional feel. Slicers / blank plates are available here. 

Also consider upgrading the old power port to have USBC battery recharging and audio out function. This mod can be found here.

What is included;

1 x Game Boy Advance SP shell - pre moulded for IPS

1 x Screw set (7 x 6mm & 10 x 3.8mm)

1 x Power LED pipe

1 x Battery cover nut & screws

2 x LR button spring & column

1 x RF shield

1 x Nameplate Sticker (Nintendo)

1 x Screw rubber plug

2 x Shaft covers


What is not included;

GBA SP IPS Screen. Available here

GBA SP buttons.

GBA SP slice / blank plate available here.


1. The original screws should not be used with this shell.


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