GBA SP 3.0inch Laminated Screen - FunnyPlaying IPS LCD


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Laminated IPS screen for the Game Boy Advance SP (GBA SP) - 3.0 inch FunnyPlaying

No soldering option for basic functioning. One wire can be soldered for access to the OSD menu and brightness control, if desired.

This is the brand new 3 inch version just released in 2023. This kit drops into the FunnyPlaying SP shell available here. (No shell cutting required)

Install this backlit IPS screen with pre-installed laminated glass lens. The laminated panel means no dust and a more realistic display effect.

Screen is plug and play with a no solder option. (See notes below)

The screen can be installed in an original shell or an aftermarket shell with some trimming. We highly recommend the drop in FunnyPlaying shells here.


  • OSD feature menu - If soldered (see video)
  • No dust under the pre laminated lens.
  • At the lowest brightness the kit power consumption is 0.14w
  • Mixed frame switch
  • Brightness adjustment (if soldered)

What is included;

  • 1 x laminated IPS LCD
  • 1 x ribbon cable
  • 1 x foam pad
  • 1 x wires for brightness and OSD features
  • 1 x screen strip (optional)

Whats not included;

  • 1 x GBA SP shell

Install guide:


1. The logo is the full Game Boy. The image shows just Game.

2. OSD menu is available with the soldering of 1 wire. It has 4 different functions - Brightness, Colour, Display and Frames. The IPS screen will still work without these functions if you choose not to solder the wires.

3. Shell modification is required if you do not use a FunnyPlaying pre moulded shell here. 

4. A seperate glass lens is not required, as the screen comes with a glass lens laminated to it.

5. Please bench test your screen kit for faults before installation. A photo or video will be required for potential warranty claims. Any issues are to be reported before installing inside a shell or adhering to a gasket. Replacements will not be made for installed kits. Replacement screens are available here should you need one.

6. It is advisable to wear a static bracelet before installing the screen to avoid any potential shorts.

Customer Reviews

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This was my first time modding any hardware and even looking at a motherboard so, naturally, I was a bit apprehensive. However, I was pleasantly surprised by how easy the entire process turned out to be. Not only was the screen delivered quickly, but the installation was also a not as hard as I expected.

I highly recommend giving it a try as the results are well worth it :)


Screen looks incredible and installed very smoothly

Daniel Moss

Everything I wanted